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Allow Me to Distract You From the Horrible World We Live In By Talking In Depth About Ed Sheeran Again

This is a pretty fucked up time in the world’s history. Everything is bleak and terrible except Beyoncé released a pregnancy announcement that looks like a scene out of the Czech movie Daisies and there is new Ed Sheeran. I get it — the president wants … Continue reading

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Why Yes, I Do Have an Intriguing Theory on “Hotline Bling”

I know, I know. Everything that can be said has been said about Hotline Bling. We compared his dancing with Elaine from Seinfeld. We made it look like he was playing tennis. We even asked whether it was really about disgraced Toronto … Continue reading

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Every One Direction Music Video, Ranked by How Many Times I Googled to Prove They Were All of a Legitimate Age to Date*

What Makes You Beautiful Ugh. This video is garbage. Obviously whoever made it did not realize these guys were going to blow up. And they’re all like ten in this and I’m not a pedophile. Stop. Gotta Be You I … Continue reading

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