Lines From This Month’s Vanity Fair Cover Story on Benedict Cumberbatch Where I Nodded to Myself and Said, “Ah Yes, Quite Good, Quite Good.”

“In a hillside town near Darjeeling, he taught English to Tibetan monks, giving himself a crash course in improvisation as he conjured up instructional games.”

“By the third night, Cumberbatch recalls, ‘I started to have really weird, fucked-up dreams, and felt things were happening in my sleep. I wasn’t sure if I was conscious or awake.'”

“They drank rainwater squeezed out of moss, because they’d read it was safer than river water.”


Who told him this was an attractive pose?

“He’s huge in China, where fans refer to Holmes and Watson as Curly Fu and Peanut.”

“A Twitter user has posted: ‘Sometimes when I’m sad I picture a shirtless Benedict Cumberbatch slowly eating an apple fritter. Try it!'”

“He might as well be describing his own curious appeal: part Mr. Darcy, part cyborg.”

“’I didn’t know that Sherlock was big in Kathmandu, but apparently I was wrong.'” [said by costar Chiwetel Ejiofor]


Ah yes, just reclining casually in his old beat-up leather chair thinking of the time he was kidnapped by terrorists in South Africa

” ‘The first time I stepped onstage in front of an all-male public-school crowd was dressed up as queen of the fairies, Titania, with a Cleo Laine wig and a pineapple crown.’ ” (Okay, I already knew this, but it’s still good)

“Because he resembles a sun-deprived habitué of the London Library . . . ”

“Convinced these were his last moments, Cumberbatch pleaded for his life. After several minutes of silence, he realized the men had left.”


When you’re walking straight down the middle of the street all moody-like but it’s COLD OUT so you gotta pull up your collar

“The sparrow is still flitting around the hotel lobby, suddenly alighting on the chair behind me. ‘Jesus Christ!,’ I yell, embarrassingly startled. But Cumberbatch, unruffled, hops up from his chair, walks over to the terrace door, and props it open with a rubber wedge.

‘That might give the bird a chance,’ he says, backlit by sunlight.”

Here is the whole article.


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2 Responses to Lines From This Month’s Vanity Fair Cover Story on Benedict Cumberbatch Where I Nodded to Myself and Said, “Ah Yes, Quite Good, Quite Good.”

  1. Xandra says:

    I’m pretty sure Mr Darcy is part cyborg though…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wait… Curly Fu and Peanut?


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