“Awesome! Wow!”: The Best of Jonathan Groff on YouTube

Jonathan Groff left his role of King George III in Hamilton Saturday, and somehow my friend Bre was able to win the lottery and see his final performance. She’s one of my favorite people but obviously we are no longer speaking. Except also it’s her birthday today so this post is dedicated to her. Anyway I saw him in Spring Awakening and there will be other shows.

Jonathan Groff is a perfect human being. The only flaw he possesses is that he will never be my boyfriend, but this is not a real flaw because it would involve him denying the fact that he is gay, and I would never ask him to do this. Also because he once dated fellow Broadway star Gavin Creel, and that is enough for me.

In honor of Groffsauce, here are my favorite videos to watch when I stalk him on YouTube, which is literally every day. I have limited myself to ten videos, but let’s by honest, all Jonathan Groff videos are amazing.

Hamilton #Ham4Ham The Schuyler Georges

If you love Hamilton, you should have already seen this video. In case you haven’t: Brian D’Arcy James (the original off-Broadway King George), Andrew Rannells (the replacement for Groff when he went away last fall) and our boy the original Broadway King George himself lip sync “The Schulyer Sisters” with Renée Elise Goldsberry (who plays Angelica) as Aaron Burr. Everyone nails the choreography so well I don’t even care they’re not actually singing.

“Larger Than Life” from My Favorite Year, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, music Stephen Flaherty

My Favorite Year is a charming flopped musical from the 90s about a young man who meets his favorite silent film star, based on a Peter O’Toole movie by the same name. Groff’s delivery of this, its best song, is intimate and moving.

Taking a super fan quiz on Broadway’s Sutton Foster

Everyone loves Sutton Foster, because like Jonathan Groff, nothing is wrong with her. But no one loves Sutton Foster like Jonathan Groff, and watching him fanboy over the two-time Tony Award winner is charming.

Reenacting the time he screwed up “Left Behind” from Spring Awakening, music and lyrics by Duncan Sheik

It’s fun getting to hear a behind-the-scenes story of one of the best musicals of all time, and this anecdote is hilarious. Groff’s delivery is flawless, but you already knew that.

“Try Me” from She Loves Me, music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

You can tell an authentic musical theatre fan by how vehemently they praise She Loves Me. It’s the kind of show too small to have made it to the mainstream, but lovable and smart enough to be adored by most diehards. This song is adorable, and Groff gets it just right.

Side by Side by Susan Blackwell

Every episode of Side by Side with Susan Blackwell is a delight, but when you get to go to the goat farm in Amish country where Jonathan Groff was raised, then you really need to ask yourself why you have ever had reason to be sad.

Teaching Stephen Colbert the King George Walk

The main reason I am mourning never getting a chance to see him in Hamilton is that I will never be able to see the physical comedy he brings to the role. This video helps.

This Nonsense

I have nothing to add to this.

“Life of the Party”, The Wild Party, music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa

It’s a real elitist musical theatre snob move when people talk about Idina Menzel singing “Defying Gravity” to be like, “Okay, but have you heard her on The Wild Party cast recording?” I know because I do it frequently. This song is so technically demanding. Of course, you should watch Idina’s version of it too. All I’m trying to say is this song is balls hard, and Groff can handle it.

“Anything Goes”, Broadway Miscast 2012

The grand finale. Miscast is a benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS where Broadway performers sing roles for which they would never be cast. Groffsauce memorized Sutton Foster’s INSAAAAAAANE Tony performance from the Anything Goes revival and he just nails it. His singing, his dancing . . . he’s so relaxed and entertaining but he’s also perfectly on point. It is bananas how talented this man is.


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