What I’m Into


I’ve had the same vibe since pretty much kindergarten, which is to say the girl nerd vibe. It has served me well, and although I may have wanted to in the past, recently I have seen no point in changing it.

But no more, I have found a new vibe, a new aesthetic that I will be aiming for. From now on, my whole deal is just Hot Dogs Dressed as Disney Princesses.


That’s it. That’s my whole thing. People are going to be like, “So, A.C., what kind of stuff are you into?” And I’m going to be like, “Basically this”:


It is the perfect vibe. It expresses both how much I love to eat and also my love of things intended for an audience of children and girls. There is life before Hot Dogs Dressed as Disney Princesses, and life afterwards. Look, look at this photograph:


That is a photograph of a hot dog dressed as Pocahontas. I’m sorry, everything you have ever done up until this point in your life is to bring you that image.


WHY IS HER HAIR GREEN? I don’t know, I don’t care, all I know is that nothing else makes sense to me anymore. Forget cats playing piano, and auto-tuned news stories, this is what the internet was made for. Hallelujah.


About A.C.

Amateur time-traveler
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