David Tennant Has Always Been a Creep, You Just Were Not Looking Hard Enough

First of all, Jessica Jones is really good. I’m totally sick of the Marvel thing: I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was boring and Daredevil was super lame, and I know this makes me whiny and annoying, but whatever, I’m over it. And still, Jessica Jones is really good. It’s super feminist, very Veronica Mars, hella dark, and it’s just . . . good. I binge watched the whole thing in about a week and a half, and that was on top of working Black Friday weekend, hosting a large Thanksgiving and out-of-town guests, and not having time to blog.

One of the best parts of the show is David Tennant as the villain. He’s super creepy, and every media source I see is like, “We’ve never seen this side of him before! He’s ruining our tenth doctor memories!” etc. This is fine if you are casual reporter, but I have to say for us superfans, I mean those of us who have that RSC Macbeth audiobook where he played the porter and have actually seen clips of Takin’ Over the Asylum (his first ever TV role), we knew.


Get this girl a hobby.

It is not just that we knew because DT is super versatile and talented and could play lawn furniture to rave reviews. He could. It is because those of who love Mr. Tennant have seen a little 2005 TV movie called Secret Smile.

Please do not watch this movie, though it used to be all uploaded to YouTube. Instead, let me just tell you that David Tennant plays Brendan Block, a man who gets involved with the protagonist of the film, and then gets dumped for being too possessive. A few weeks later, he shows up engaged to her sister and shit goes down.

“This does not sound so scary,” you say. You are wrong. Mostly because of one line.

After announcing the engagement, Brendan gets our heroine alone in her parents’ backyard. “It’s funny,” he says, “While I made the announcement I was looking at your mouth. I was thinking, I’ve cum into that mouth.

Here Megan made a gif:

12276569_10154251052441490_1752039984_n (1)

Did you get that? Maybe you need to look at that gif again. No, don’t.

It is the most upsetting thing that has every happened to me, and I am counting one time when I was nine and I was taken to a modern art museum where human heads were projected onto dolls screaming for your help.*

Anyway you should watch Jessica Jones because it’s quite good and not nearly as upsetting as what I just shared with you. God bless David Tennant. Never stop being a creep.

*I’m totally lying. That is bar none the most upsetting thing that ever happened to me and I literally still can’t go to modern art museums.


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