Country Music Lyrics that Horrified My Chilean Flatmate

“Well, I love her, but I love to fish.” – “I’m Gonna Miss Her”, Brad Paisley

“Victoria’s Secret, well their stuff’s real nice. Oh, but I can buy the same damn thing on a Wal-Mart shelf half-price.” – “Redneck Woman”, Gretchen Wilson

“I know everybody says money can’t buy happiness but it could buy me a boat.” – “Buy Me a Boat”, Chris Janson

“I’m getting drunk on a plane.” – “Drunk on a Plane”, Dierks Bentley

” ‘Cause I’d like to see you out in the moonlight. I’d like to kiss you way back in the sticks. I’d like to walk you through a field of wildflowers and I’d like to check you for ticks.” – “Ticks”, Brad Paisley

“She thinks my tractor’s sexy.” – “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”, Kenny Chesney

“I told her put an extra layer on. I know what happens when she drinks Patron. Her closet’s missing half the things she bought. Yeah, tequila makes her clothes fall off.” – “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”, Joe Nichols

Literally every line of “Beer with Jesus”, Thomas Rhett

“And I keep my Christmas lights on on my front porch all year long.” – “Redneck Woman”, Gretchen Wilson (This one really confused her, and she asked several times for clarification.)

“Jesus or Santa?” – “Girls Look Hot in Trucks”, Love and Theft

” ‘Cause we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way.” – “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)”, Toby Keith


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2 Responses to Country Music Lyrics that Horrified My Chilean Flatmate

  1. Another musical horizon expanded.

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  2. Robert Montenegro says:

    You should have used more discretion exposing your Chilean friend to this music. After all, not every song is suitable for miners.

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